A green team effort can make a difference.

One of the biggest keys to a sustainable and successful workplace recycling plan is recruiting committed co-workers to lead the program. A motivated "green team" will share the workload, build support among co-workers and make sure that your recycling efforts are successful.

Support from management
A Recycle at Work Business Recycling Specialist can work with your green team to educate your businesses management on the importance of a Recycle at Work program. Support from your management will ensure that the program is a priority in the workplace.

Form a team
Put the call out to committed coworkers who can devote time and energy to the program. And, be sure to include a representative from your facilities, maintenance and purchasing departments. These co-workers will be directly affected by the program and should help with its design.

Clarify goals
Once your green team is in place, clarify the roles and expectations for each member. Then, work together to establish goals and objectives for your recycling program.

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