Help keep Oregon clean and green.

Businesses in the Portland metropolitan area account for nearly half of the materials sent to local landfills. And though many of them already recycle, businesses in an average year still throw away more than 100,000 tons of recyclable paper, cardboard and containers.

Want to make a difference? Recycle at Work Specialists can help you create a recycling program that's good for our planet – and can help your company reach its sustainability goals.

You can get started with five easy steps:

  • Follow the leader – Identify a recycling champion to lead your efforts and communicate with co-workers, building managers, custodial staff and haulers.
  • Know the do's and don'ts – A Recycling Specialist will work with you to identify things that can and cannot be recycled in your workplace.
  • Make it easy – Provide posters and instructions on what can be recycled.
  • Train your team – At least once a year, review your business recycling strategy and requirements with your co-workers.
  • Curb your trash – Look for ways to consume less in your workplace, including double-sided copying, reusable dishware and managing projects online, rather than with printed materials.

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